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John Murphy's Fire Lawyer Blog
John K. Murphy, JD, PA-C, MS, EFO. Mr. Murphy is experienced in mediation, probate and estate planning, non-profit corporations, medical liability and malpractice, employment practice liability, policy development and implementation and human resource management.

Mr. Murphy also has a focus on risk management and liability, training safety, developing employment policy and best practices, internal investigations and is a subject matter expert in pre-hospital EMS and Fire Operations and performs forensic evaluation on fire and EMS operations. He frequently consults with private and public service leaders and managers on risk management.

Mr. Murphy retired as a Deputy Fire Chief after 32 years of career fire department service managing all areas of fire department operations and management positions.  Mr. Murphy’s past fire and emergency medical experience has been as a paramedic/firefighter; Paramedic Program Director, Chief Fire Officer, Chief of Training, Emergency Operations Chief and Health and Safety Officer. Mr. Murphy lectures and writes on issues related to Fire & EMS Law and Management.  He is a graduate of the Seattle University School of Law.

He is also a Physician’s Assistant with a focus in urgent, emergency, occupational and pre-hospital medicine medical care.  He was a US Navy Corpsman.

Professional Licensing:

John K. Murphy is licensed as an Attorney and Counselor of Law in the States of Washington and New York, an Attorney at Law in the United States District Court, Western District of Washington and is also a Certified Physician’s Assistant in the State of Washington.